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Blog Post: September 21, 2017


FCNB Local Custom Calendar

We are proud to announce due to such high demand and positive feedback, FCNB will again produce a local custom calendar this year. We are looking for entries!

Our theme this year:

“Because every picture tells a story…”

We want to share the unique stories that Delta County residents have experienced throughout 2017. The much anticipated custom FCNB calendar is a great place to showcase travels, organizational achievements, personal achievements, or just wonderful life experiences you have had this year. Your story will inspire and be shared with many homes in the Delta County area. Please submit your unique photographs and a short (300 word or less) story that can accompany your photo.

Submit your entries via email to:

Deadline to submit is October 7, 2017

*If the photo contains people, you must be able to produce an affidavit that we may use their likeness in the publication.

*Stories maybe edited for grammar, content, or audience appropriateness

FCNB Member FDIC/Equal Housing Lender

Blog Post: September 18, 2017

Data Breach

Information Regarding Equifax Data Breach:

Many of you and our customers may have heard about the Equifax data breach and are wondering how it affects them.  Here are some facts and advice that you can pass along to clients, friends, and family. 

  • 143 million Americans had their Social security number, birth date, address, and driver’s license number stolen from Equifax.  This information can be used to open a new line of credit using your identity.
  • 209,000 credit card numbers were stolen as well, but that doesn’t put your identity at risk
  • You can check if you’re affected at, this site is okay and safe to visit.  But watch out for fakes that scammers may send you.
  • Equifax is promoting their own credit monitoring service, TrustedID, free for one year but may require payment after that.  You must waive your right to class-action or personal lawsuits against Equifax to use this service. 
  • Credit freezes are a good option.  It’s more effective because it blocks all new credit applications under your identity, until you “unfreeze”.

Credit Freeze:

You may be familiar with the “big 3”, but did you know there are FOUR credit bureaus?  They are Equifax, Experian, Innovis and Trans Union (these are links to their credit freeze websites, safe to click and share).  Again, be wary of scammers sending fake links.

What a security freeze will do is prevent anyone from accessing your credit report. So, if a scammer tries to open a new line of credit using your name, date of birth, and social security number, when the lender tries to pull your credit report, it'll say it's blocked and that you have to contact the credit bureau. Note: it will NOT say the report is frozen; this is part of the security feature.  

Each of these places will give you a 6-digit number (PIN) you can call to unfreeze or thaw your reports.  You can “hide” this PIN somewhere you won’t lose it – because if you do, you’ll be stuck frozen. 

If YOU go to open an account, you'll have to contact the credit bureau ahead of time (either on the phone or online) and "thaw" your account for a little while. You can set the "thaw" either for a period of time or for a particular creditor. Also, if you want to completely remove it, you can, if you determine you don't want the protection any longer. You will need that PIN you set for the bureaus to thaw or unfreeze your reports.  You can also temporarily thaw your account.  For example, if you know you're going to be looking for a car over the next week, call the three bureaus and thaw your report for the next week. Or, if you are applying for a credit card, call and unfreeze your report for that company, and then turn the freeze back on. 

Depending on your state of residence and your circumstances, you may also have to pay a small fee to place a freeze at each bureau. The fee ranges from $0 to $15 per bureau, meaning that it can cost upwards of $60 to place a freeze at all four credit bureaus (recommended).  In California it costs $10 at each bureau, unless you’re 65 or older.  That’s $40 to freeze all your credit.  It’s also $10 per bureau to thaw your credit.  You can thaw at one bureau or all 4 – check with your lender to see who they use.  For some reason it costs $5 for those 65 or older to thaw each account, even though they can freeze for free. 

Using credit freezes like this is a little more trouble and inconvenience in your life, but it’s better than the alternative – cleaning up your credit after your identity has been stolen.  Prevention is better than cure.

Fraud Alert:

A less-impactful alternative to a credit freeze is a fraud alert.  A fraud alert requires potential creditors to contact you and obtain your permission before opening new lines of credit in your name. You are allowed by law to file a fraud alert (also called a “security alert”) with one of the credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian or Trans Union) every 90 days (these are links to their credit freeze websites, safe to click and share).  . Whichever one you file with is required by law to alert the other two bureaus as well. The fourth bureau, Innovis, follows the same rules as the big three, and you may file a fraud alert with them as well.

Fraud alerts last 90 days, and you can renew them as often as you like (a recurring calendar entry can help with this task); consumers who can demonstrate that they are victims or are likely to be victims of identity theft can also apply for a long-term fraud alert that lasts up to 7 years (a police report and other documentation may be required).

Free Credit Reports:

You are entitled by law to a free credit report from each of the Big 3 once a year.  This means you can check your credit 3 times a year (once every 4 months with each of the bureaus).  The only site you need to obtain this free copy is, or by phone at 877-322-8228. Everywhere else will try to sell you a report, or offer a “free” report if you agree to sign up for some kind of subscription service — usually credit monitoring.  There are lots of look-alike sites out there (like that are not the real, government-mandated service, so watch out.  You may want to save all these links I’m giving you to be sure.

Your free credit report will show all your lines of credit and other debt obligations, along with lots of data.  However, it won’t show your FICO score.  If that’s what you’re looking for, go to your bank or credit card company.  It usually costs money to get your FICO score. 


So these are your options to prevent identity theft causing you to have to clean up your credit:

  • Credit freeze (most effective, most inconvenient)
  • Fraud alert (less effective, less inconvenient)
  • Free credit reports (doesn’t prevent identity theft but gives you insight, can be done in conjunction with a freeze or alert)

Blog Post: May 9, 2017




Women sure know how to do business! In celebration of Cinco De Mayo, First Colorado National Bank hosted May’s Women in Business event. With over sixty women in attendance, the event was a night to remember. We enjoyed reuniting with friends, eating amazing food prepared by Daveto’s, and sipping signature cocktails served by FCNB’s very own bartenders Adam, Al and Dewey. First Colorado National Bank would like to thank Lea Petmezas for sharing her love of painting and for helping everybody take home a masterpiece of their own.  We wanted to extend a special thank you to all of the women who came down to celebrate with us. We are so happy that all of you could make it, and thank you for making the event a great success!

Blog Post: May 4, 2017

Conservation Days 2017

First Colorado National Bank played a part in the Western Slope Conservation Center’s 6th annual “Conservation Days.” On April 27th & 28th, Delta County’s fourth graders spent a day at Paonia’s River Park, learning about conservation, ecosystems, flora, and fauna. Co-sponsored by the Bank, local conservation-oriented organizations provided stations where the schoolchildren spent time learning about local birds, the web of life, hiking essentials, compass use, creating a nature journal, outdoor rescue skills and more. First Colorado National Bank’s Relationship Banker, Lisa Delaney, and Human Resources Administrator, Christy Harding, were thrilled to support this unique event through their volunteer efforts.

Blog Post by: Lisa D.


Blog Post: May 2, 2017

Paonia After Hours Photo Slide

Who would have thought that banking and painting could go hand-in-hand? We soon found out it was possible when First Colorado National Bank put together a creative business after hours during the first week of April. Attendees were able to meet new people, see old friends, enjoy fresh juice from Remedy and savory tasty hor d'oeuvres from Flying Fork. We loved seeing smiles on faces and getting to know people outside of the transaction atmosphere that banking can sometimes become. I personally got to meet a local artist, who while we were painting, gave me tips on how to make my art one-of-a-kind. He also told me that I have an eye for art and if I were to take a few lessons I would make a great artist. We also had many local guests from other businesses on Grand Avenue join us to socialize, get creative together, and to learn more about why banking at a community bank matters. We were so happy that everyone could come and we can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Blog Post By: Kendra Brynoff

Blog Post: March 27, 2017


The FCNB superstar team participated in the Women’s Expo in Delta, CO. The event was a fabulous, focused event around women entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Our Delta location assistant manager, Deanna Olsen, made the observation, “It was nice to see all the women out shopping and supporting other women, but equally awesome were the men attendees--grandpas, dads, husbands--out there helping their wives and watching the children while the women did their thing.” 

It was our pleasure to award Ruth Ward, new owner of the Photon Light Spa, with the prize from our drawing!

Blog Post By: Amy Crick

Blog Post: March 6, 2017


Day to day, working at the bank is a world full of customer service, numbers, money, loans- all very serious stuff. Annually, we get the opportunity to host the Paonia BELA preschool for a tour of the bank. During this time, we get to see the world through the eyes of a child. They bring us back to our roots and remind us how magical and special it is to be in banking. We work in a world of fast-paced finance, but it's good to be reminded that there can be joy found around every corner at our historic burgeoning local bank. When the preschoolers toured the bank, their favorite stop was the Drive Thru. Now, our drive thru was the first drive thru 'dug' in Paonia! And we still have the equipment from the 1970's to prove it! The machine that pulls the tube back from the second vehicle in the drive thru is usually not pleasant for the teller--it's eardrum shaking loud and blows so hard it'd make you feel like you are in a wind tunnel. BUT when Kendra showed the preschoolers how to use it, they were amazed and laughed and screamed with glee when shown the 'drive thru monster'. The team got the privilege of learning what the preschoolers wanted to be when they grow up- a future farmer (who needs a loan for a GREEN tractor), many future nurses, and another who referred to himself as the "future owner of our local gas station," (many of you know who that might be)! While there were no future bankers in the group, we look forward to watching them grow up in our close-knit little mountain town.

Thank you to the Paonia BELA Preschool for making our day bright! And a special shout out to the team members who helped introduce the preschoolers to banking!

Blog Post by: Amy Crick

First Colorado National Bank Partners with Local Schools to Match Holiday Canned Food Drive

Paonia Elementary School teams up with First Colorado National Bank to donate canned goods and cash to the Paonia Food Bank. Student Council Representatives at PES helped coordinate their annual canned food drive with the proceeds going to the Paonia Food Bank. First Colorado National Bank matched $1 per canned good, which also went to the Paonia Food Bank. 

Each December, First Colorado National Bank sponsors a canned food drive to gather food for Paonia’s Food Pantry. This year they partnered with both Paonia Elementary School and Hotchkiss K-8 to collect non-perishable food and award $1 in cash for every can collected to the Paonia Food Pantry and Helping Hands.

“Since both the bank and the local schools organize a holiday can drive each year, we thought it would be great to team up with the schools,” stated Bank CEO Stan Park.  “We hope that by partnering with these students, we can further impact the total donations collected and money awarded to benefit those in need this holiday season.”

Through this collaborative effort, First Colorado National Bank was able to donate $522.00 to the Paonia Food Pantry and $1271.00 to Helping Hands, a dedicated group that puts together baskets of food for local students who have a hard time getting access to food during the weekends, over holidays, or when school is out for vacations. 

Thank you to all who helped make this canned food drive a success and Happy Holidays!

First Colorado National Bank Sponsors Local High School Basketball Tournament

For the last four years, First Colorado National Bank has sponsored the first local basketball tournament of the season.  In addition to sponsoring the tournament, FCNB also gives $1000 scholarships to deserving student-athletes from the following High Schools: Delta, Paonia, Cedaredge and Hotchkiss.

“We’re proud to sponsor the tournament and the youth in the valley. They have worked extremely hard throughout the season, and we are honored to provide scholarships each spring to assist them in pursuing further education” commented FCNB President Brad Harding.

During the tournament, FCNB employees enthusiastically worked the ticket gate as teams competed for three days at both the Paonia and Delta High Schools. All the money collected at the gate went back to the schools.