Debit Card Questions

Our online and mobile banking includes the “card on/off feature,” so you can turn your debit card off directly from there!  Don’t forget to turn it back on once you locate your card.


Navigate to Card Management inside online or mobile banking.  Choose the card you'd like to turn off or on, and then click on the toggle button.  A message will alert you if you are turning it off or on.  

To report lost or stolen debit cards or report fraud on your card after hours please call:  888-297-3416

During business hours please call either of the branches directly to report stolen cards:

Paonia:  970-527-4141
Delta:  970-874-0100

Please give the bank a call at either 970-527-4141 or 970-874-0100 and speak to a banker about adjusting your debit card limits. 
In addition to using the ATMs at either branch, check out one of the 37,000+ surcharge free ATMs on the MoneyPass® Network!  This means you can use ATMs through the United States surcharge free when you’re not near our local ATMs!
There are two ways to change your PIN on your debit card.  You can either visit one of our branch ATMs and choose the "Change PIN" option at the ATM or you can call 800-290-7893 to change it over the phone.
Please call 800-290-7893 to activate your new debit card.